Split Image terms and conditions

In today’s marketplace video is the ‘go to’ way to showcase and promote your business. Displayed on your website and across all your social media platforms, massively growing public awareness of your company.  


We are offering 2 base video packages starting from:


Package 1 - £395 + VAT

Spend up to 3 hours in our studio with our camera person and editor to produce a short film (up to 2 minutes) about your business using captions, logos, images and music.

​Package 2 - £695 + VAT

Spend up to 4 hours at your place of business with our crew to produce a short film about your business. We can help you show your customers what you really do, using video, captions, logos, images and music.


Other options are available so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat.

Tel: 01293 408408  email: studio@splitimage.co.uk.